Is your business like a soccer game?

Are you a fan of soccer, or as the Caribbean calls it, football?

I don’t.

Listen, just a moment. (I can hear the football fans screaming “FOUL!”

It is frustrating to me that after an hour of watching people chase a ball around, only 2 or 3 goals are scored. I prefer fast-paced games like basketball and volleyball. live score liga spanyol

Imagine your business as a soccer match.

Good gracious! What boring life would it be if we only achieved one goal each time we played? How long would it take to find our true desires?

Yes, I do agree that some business goals are impossible to achieve (in our minds), and it takes us a long time to realize them.


There are many obstacles to overcome and hurdles to climb in order to get the ball to the goal. The latter is what I am referring to. All those ‘defenders’ who tell us that it’s impossible to do. It’s impossible to make that much money!

Then there’s the goalkeeper – our subconscious mind, which tries to prevent that goal becoming a reality.

We’ve all had those moments when we thought we could achieve a goal but were distracted by the nagging thoughts that keep us from achieving it.

If our lives were faster than the NBA finals… WOW! Imagine what we could achieve! Imagine how exciting our lives would be if we could reach a 3-pointer!

Our goals do not have to be long-term and take months to achieve.

What about setting 3-5 goals per day? Or maybe 10 goals per week? Or 10, goals per month? These goals could be as simple as “getting to my office on time”, “talking to 10 potential customers each week”, “sell 15% more than last year”, or “saving $1,000 this month”. It doesn’t matter what it is.

You will be more successful if you become more comfortable with achieving your goals.

You will be closer to your vision of your business if you set more goals.

Easy, huh?

What do I think? Nope! No!

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